Donate $75.00, Get $25.00

For the first 50 individuals who give personal donations of $75.00 or more while registering, you will receive a $25.00 Belk gift card! 

Why $75/$25? Within our affiliate, 0.75 cents of every dollar we raise stays within our local service area to fund breast health education programs, breast cancer screening, and treatment assistance!

 1. Paula Owens 11. Vicky Johnson   21. Carolyn Floyd 31. Devin Willmarth   41. Valkyrie Hyde  
 2. Linda Gamble 12. Larry Alexander 22. Laura Jefferies 32. Debbie West 42. Kevin Kerner
 3. Joanne Beckman  13. Jennifer Wilson 23. Jacqulyn Diggs 33. John Riley 43. Marge Kramer
 4. Connie Daniels 14. Cindy Broome 24. Susan Raschal  34. Jay Sosebee 44. Tim Stubblefield 
 5. Anita Stewart 15. Barbara Woods 25. Cynthia Rutledge 35. Cynthia Scott 45. Cheryl Willoughby
 6. Angie Thomas 16. Elizabeth Woodruff 26. Judith Taylor  36. Susan Polcari 46. Phyllis Chesnutt
 7. Scarlett Yancy 17. Ellen Mears 27. Pam Smith 37. Lisa Carlile
 8. Janice Moyer 18. Shannon May 28. Cindy Atterton 38. Kelly Dunshee
 9. Kaye Hagadorn 19. Trish Smith 29. Phil Byrd 39. Judy Peterson
 10. Ginette Somos 20. Kathy Alexander 30. Sandra Huddleston 40. Gabriela Hernandez  










2016 - Top 3 Individual Fundraisers and their Prizes! 

Congratulations to our 2016 Top 3 Individual Fundraisers! Komen Chattanooga appreciates all your hard work!

First Place: The Mystery Basket valued at $500.00 worth of merchandise, gift cards, and other amazing prizes goes to Elizabeth Woodruff!

Second Place:  5 quart Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, Raspberry Ice color, with a 325 watt motor goes to Trish Smith!

Third Place: $300.00 worth of Belk giftcards was orginally won by Mr. Phil Byrd; however, he has graciously forfeited his prize to his runner up. So congratulations to Lynn Hutchison!

Prizes can be picked up at our office. Give us a call at 423-499-9155 to schedule a time! 

RI Kitchen Aid Mixer


Congratulations to our Pink Diamond Elite for the 2016 Race!

These individuals, the Pink Diamond Elite, are the best of the best! They have all individually raised, through personal donations or individual fundriasing, $1,000.00 or more during our Race season! Thank you all for your hard work and your support of the Komen Mission!

Elizabeth Woodruff Trish Smith
Phil Byrd Lynn Hutchison
Paula Owens Melissa Blevins
Rita Fanning Robin Evans
Kimberly Mitchell  

Pink Diamond.png


Past Winners

For the month of June, we kicked off our $75/$25 program! Anyone who donates $75.00 or more when registering for race will recieve a $25.00 Belk gift card to show the importance of our 75/25 affiliate funding guidelines. For every dollar donated to Komen Chattanooga, 0.75 cents stays right here in our service area while 0.25 cents goes to finding a cure! This incentive is for the first 50 individuals who donate (check chart above to see how many spots are left!).

For the month of July, any individual who reached $250.00 or more in self donations and individual fundraising, received a Pink Ribbon car magnet! Congrats to Annasten Gitgood, Jennifer Wilson, Ansleigh Gitgood, and Paula Owens!

For the month of August, any individual who reached a goal of $250.00 or more in self donations and individual fundraising, recieved a Komen edition, Light-Up Wristband with the engraving "Komen - In the fight 24/7 - 365". Congrats to Scarlett Yancy, Elizabeth Woodruff, and Trish Smith! Also, congrats to Elizabeth Woodruff for being the first individual to hit $1,000.00 in self donations and individual fundraising!

For the month of September, any individual who reached a goal of $250.00 or more in self donations and individual fundraising, received a Komen edition, Light-Up Wristband with the engraving "Komen - In the fight 24/7 - 365". Congrats to Tracey Hensley, Missy Williams, Jacob Simpson, Rita Fanning, Phil Byrd, Carlos Martinez, Kimberly Mitchell, Lynn Hutchison, Michele Kephart, Brenda Hutson, Cynthia Scott, Cornelia Johnson, Kate Mincy, Stacey Taylor, Mike Polcari, Susan Polcari, and Jeannie McGee!


Will YOU be recognized in the 2016 pink honor roll? 

Congratulations to our 2015 Komen Chattanooga Race for the Cure® Pink Honor Roll Members

Pink Honor Roll - Top 20 Race for the Cure Individual Fundraisers

 1. Tom Voltz 11. Melissa Blevins
 2. Elizabeth Woodruff 12. Ashley Calvin 
 3. Robin Evans 13. Isabel Simmons
 4. Lynn Hutchison 14. Nancy Voltz
 5. Nancy Tocchini  15. Betsy Washburn
 6. Paula Owens 16. Demetrius Ramsey
 7. Angie Thomas 17. Tracy Hensley 
 8. Susan Raschel  18. Sharon Tompkins
 9. Brenda Hutson  19. Christine Walker
 10. Robyn Johnson  20. Marian Jackson

Pink Scroll









The 2015 Pink Honor Roll received a $20 New Balance gift card