Course Map - 5K (Timed and Un-Timed)

Course Map 5K

Map and Parking

FREE parking is available to race participants at UTC Lots #30, #33, #34, and both #36 lots. Two Republic lots are also available free of charge. The large lot between 3rd and 4th Streets bordered by Cherry and Walnut Streets and the 3rd Street lot bordered by Lookout Street and Walnut Street. Free shuttle buses will run to and from the Arena and these two Republic lots (pickup/drop off corner of 4th Street and Walnut Street) between 11:30 am and 4 pm. 

Handicap parking is located in UTC Lot #20, located behind the McKenzie Arena.

Komen Chattanooga is not responsible for any theft or damages to any property or vehicles. Please secure your personal items left in your automobile and make sure your vehicle is locked.


2016 Komen Parking Map