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Wash Me Pink FAQ



Due to the threat of lightning storms on March 9th, the 7th annual Wash Me Pink Color Run is POSTPONED UNTIL SATURDAY, APRIL 13, 2019. 

All sponsorships, registrations, and donations will be carried over to this new date.

Day-Of Fundraising Awards will still be totaled Friday, March 8th at 5:00 p.m. in the spirit of fairness to the teams who worked hard to meet these goals in the original deadline. We are happy to offer extended Fundraising Awards for the new date! See our Fundraising Awards page for more information.


Q: How do I register for the 7th Annual Wash Me Pink Color Run?

A: To register for this event online, please click here and visit the right hand side of the page. You may also register for this event by calling our office at 423-499-9155. Registration will be available on the morning of the event but will include a $5.00 price increase. T-shirts are also first come, first serve for the morning of the event.



Q: How much does it cost to register for this event?

A: Registration prices are based on age. For children five and under, registration is free but does not include a t-shirt. For adults (which is anyone over the age of five), registration is $30.00. Adult registration prices include a 2019 t-shirt if you register before Friday, April 12th at 5:00 p.m.



Q: Where will this event take place?

A: Our 2019 Wash Me Pink Color Run will take place in historic, downtown Dalton, GA at the Dalton Green Park. This is located at 117 N Selvidge St, Dalton, GA 30720.



Q: Can you only register as a team?

A: Although we encourage team building, you are more than welcome to join this event as an individual. If you would like to be on a team but can't find anyone to join you, consider joining a staff member's or volunteer's team!

Anita Stewart - The Raiders

Madeline Burgess - Pretty in Pink



Q: Can I bring back my team name from last year?

A: Yes! When you register, select "Click here to form a team". Enter your username and password and ta-da! The team name from your last Wash Me Pink Color Run should appear - select "Bring Back Team!". Can't remember your username/password? Give us a call at 423-499-9155.



Q: I have questions about team building and team fundraising - any hints?

A: Yes! We have created a Team Building Toolkit that will give you tons of helpful information regarding team building, customizing your team, and fundraising! Click here to take a look! Feel free to print this and share it with potential team members. Still have questions? Give us a call at 423-499-9155. You can also check out our Fundraising Incenvites here!



Q: What is the color made out of?

A: This is non-toxic, non-allergic, colored corn-starch. Manufactured in the USA, these clouds of starch will change your color, but not your health. Start with a clean, white shirt from the event or one you already have, and finish with a Color Washed shirt! 



How to Get Clean - Color Tips

You’ll want your memories of Wash Me Pink to stay with you forever. But if you want the color to wash out of your hair and skin ASAP, here are a few tips:


Before the Race:

• Oiling your hair well on race morning will make it easier to wash out the color later. Coconut oil or olive oil work best. A good leave in conditioner will do the trick as well. This is a particularly useful tip for runners with light colored or highlighted hair.

• Some runners wear a thick scarf or bandana to cover their hair. Others use the bandana to cover their mouth as they run through the color zones or to help wash the color off after. However you choose to use it, a bandana or scarf is pretty useful at The Color Run.

• Wear a good sunscreen and lip balm.

• We suggest some form of eyewear. Some people wear sunglasses or swim goggles. Have some fun with it and try to avoid getting a lot of powder in your eyes.

• Though the color will eventually wash out of just about everything, you may not want to bring your most expensive possesions. This includes strollers, clothing, and electronics and phones. 


After the Race:

• Dust off as much dry powder as you can before you apply any water. Most of the color will evaporate!

• Cleaning your hair: Dust any loose powder out of your hair. Rinse out the oil/conditioner you applied before the race with cold water. Most of the color should come right out. Now wash your hair as you normally would. It is not uncommon for hints of some of the color, pink and purple particularly, to stick around for a few washes. 

• The color is probably not coming all the way out of your white cotton shirt. But just about everything else should clean up fine. Remove all excess powder before adding water. Wash your Color Run gear separately, with COLD water. Oxiclean, or a similar product, will work wonders on your running equipment. Eventually, it’ll all be gone.